Events We Are Attending

  • We are not attending Game Market 2016 Tokyo Spring. We plan to attend the next event at Autumn.
  • 22nd Nobember 2015 Game Market 2015 Tokyo : [Booth No. E21]Chaga Chaga Games(ちゃがちゃがゲームズ). Fruit Picking Extension : "Fruit Parfait".
  • 5th May 2015 Game Market 2015 Tokyo : Chaga-Chaga Games is not attending the event. But Fruit Picking wil be sold at [F08]GAME-NOWA booth, and Catalogue will be sold at [B26]Makers Post. Both of games include English rules.
  • 1st March 2015 Game Market 2015 Osaka : Chaga-Chaga Games (ちゃがちゃがゲームズ)[Booth No.:A12]
  • 16th Nov 2014 Game Market 2014 Autumn[Tokyo] [Booth No: H23 & H24] Chaga-Chaga Games(ちゃがちゃがゲームズ)
  • 9th March 2014 Game Market 2014 Osaka : Our all stocks were immediate sellout at the event! Thank you for purchasing.


We are sorry we don't take reservation for now.

Reservation Page for Game Market 2015 Osaka is here. Please remember to take the Reservation Mail printed to our booth. Reservation for Catalo-gue 3rd edition and Fruit Picking 2nd edition will be closed shortly.


Our Games

Fruit Picking Extension : Fruit Parfait

English rules NOT included. 

2-4 players, 20-40 min, ages: 10+700  yen

This extends Fruit Picking and adds various "Parfait" effects in the game. You are making some parfait for the monkey king and getting the special benefits, for example, eliminating other player's all seeds! Please don't use the extension until you get familiar with the basic Fruit Picking game. 

Catalo-gue 3rd edition

English rules included.

2-8 players, 5 min, ages: 5+, 1900 yen (special price for GM)

"Can you figure out what your partner wants?"


  • English rules for Catalogue is here.

Fruit Picking 2nd edition

English rules included.

2-4 players, 15-30 min, ages: 6+1,800  yen  (special price for GM)

You are a monkey who run fruit farms. Plant seeds to grow your fruits and pick it for getting new farms. Easy-to-Learn family strategy game with mancala-mechanic.

Otohime Quest [In-box edition]

2 players, 10 min, ages: 7+, 1000 yen  (special price for GM)

In the popular fairy-tail "Urashima Taro", You are taking a role of Urashima. You will fight with Otohime and her tough staffs!

Quick and light-weight dice rolling game.

Stamp Graffiti 2nd edition

English rules and French rules included! (Sorry, Out of print)

3-6 players, 15-30 min, ages:8+, 2800 yen (special price for GM)

This is a drawing-type game with semi-cooperative communication. Each player makes a sketch with other players. The Answerer tries to guess what word is represented by the sketch the other players drew together. The trick is, the players can only draw using the symbols represented on the Stamp cards they are handed at the beginning of the round. 

DownGo Dungeon

4-5 players, 20 min, ages: 8+, 2700 yen (special price for GM)(Sorry, Out of print)

You are brave fighters, and now see the dungeon.

Go into the darkness underground, and get the TREASURES!

Note: This is an ANTI-cooperation game.

The Mimic King(Mane-King) 2nd edition

English rules included!

3-8 players, 10 min, ages: 8+, 2000 yen

Roll dice, Find the right answer, then Pose and Shout it!

Super-quick party game!

  • TGIW: Game Market Osaka 2014 new game ranking: 10th prize
  • game details (Japanese language)

Otetsudai Quest

(Sorry, Out of print)

2-3 players, 24h/365days, ages: 7+, 4200 yen

"Otetsudai" means that housework shared with children. This game turns children's Otetsudai into a fun game.

Finger Werewolf (Postcard Game)

4-5 players, 5 min, ages: 8+, 100 yen

The Werewolf touches Villager's fingers at night. Who touched your finger? Very simple and fun party game.

Yubino Frogger (Postcard Game)

2-5 players, 2 min/players, ages: 6+, 100 yen

Roll a dice and advance your pawn. However, the pawn is your finger!